Friday, July 13, 2012

Utah Reunion!

We got to spend a few glorious days reunited with Utah. I never thought I would say glorious and Utah in the same sentence, but that's how much we miss the mountains, the west, the eating establishments, etc, etc. 
Our first stop was the Great Salt Lake for a photo shoot for my sister's wedding. 
 It's so gorgeous there!! Frank wasn't too sure about the salty water. Pretty nasty. You're lucky you can't smell what I was smelling when this picture was taken. 
 Beautiful couple, beautiful day! 
 We were the lucky babysitters of these crazy kids and new siblings! They already seemed like BFFs.

After the wedding, we got to take A and J bowling and to ice cream. That's the joy of being aunt and uncle-spoiling your niece and nephew and not having to deal with the consequences! Just for the record, I won. 

I only cried once looking at these mountains, thinking of how much I would miss them. 

We got to visit with Josh's best friend and see their baby!

 Eating at J-Dawgs...mixed with apple beer, it still makes me sick and I still love to eat it despite this. At least that hasn't changed!
Favorite view on the road trip...

It was a great trip! As much as we miss it there, most of me is glad that we have moved on. I feel like we are progressing, even if it's hard sometimes! 

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  1. YES! I love when people miss Utah. I'm with you. I'm totally going to miss the mountains! You're blog is so cute. Your blog and your dog!