Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Very Own Blog

Josh and I decided that the joint blog thing wasn't working out for us. Neither of us ended up posting because we both felt like it was the other person's blog. So we have branched out and will each have our own cloud space to show the world from our own perspectives. You can follow him at Let's hope this blogging attempt is more successful than the last.

This separation has also been spurred on by the fact that we are moving in ONE MONTH! So it will become much more mandatory to blog in order to keep in touch with our dear loved ones here in Provo.

So, first things first. I had a devastating week in sports. First, I lost my last intramural basketball game. Not just of this season, but ever! This alone is sad. It was our first tournament game, and we lost by one point. I won't get into the details, but I got tripped and hurt my knee, hip, and foot, another player got a bloody nose from an elbow, and the refs missed a foul on our layup at the last second. And we got called for a lane violation for one of our free throws in the last minute. It was heart breaking. I have played with some of these girls all 4 years I have been at BYU and am going to miss them so much when we move!
Second, BYU men's basketball lost their Sweet 16 game. I am proud of how far they made it and I thought they put up a great fight against Florida, but it still sucked.
Last, I had a regional church basketball tournament yesterday. We lost 52-26, and again, without getting into the details, I'll just say it was an awful game. I tend to get too competitive in any situation involving basketball, and this was no exception.
Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this week being better.

Those losses aside, it was a great week! We were going to go to St. George this weekend for Josh to ride in the True Grit mountain bike race, but at the last minute, we decided against it. There were just too many things pointing us to stay in Provo. I already had work off on Friday, so I spent the day babysitting my nephew to give my sister a break on her birthday. We got to see some of my high school friends at a get together that night, then went to see The Adjustment Bureau. Absolutely loved it!! Totally recommend it. Then Saturday night I got to watch the General Young Women's Broadcast with the YW in my ward. As it turns out, the race in St. George was awful because of the weather and the planning behind it. It was a blessing to not be there and to be here with our friends and family.

Another plus to being here this weekend was that I got to teach my last Miamaid lesson ever in the Provo Peak 7th ward! I have loved being the Miamaid advisor and have learned so much from each of my girls. I am going to miss them, along with so many other incredible people we have been blessed to know here.