Sunday, August 12, 2012

So This is My Future Life.

These are things I am starting to accept as normal in Mississippi:

People riding in the backs of pickups.
Critters in the house.
Fleas and ticks on the dog everyday, despite collars, shampoo, and oil.
Southern drawls.
90+% humidity.
7+ mosquito bites in 5 minutes.
Hour drive to Target.

These are some other interesting things that happened this week:

Josh and his mom saved a baby deer by helping him through a fence he was caught in.
Franklin threw up after putting a toxic toad in his mouth.
We went to a 13 inning baseball game.

Josh ate catfish.
We saw dried up fish on the side of a river.

I ate tamale pie for the first time.
We went to a Southern Music and Tamale Festival.
(Marc Broussard. Pretty good. )

Oh, Mississippi.