Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh yea...and I got a master's degree

This post is meant to clear up confusion associated with my most recent graduation and degree. To practice school psychology, you need an educational specialist degree. To get this, you also get a master's degree. The master's degree without the Ed.S. degree will not get you very far. At the University of Delaware, it is a three year program. The first two years include coursework and practicum experiences. The third year is an internship. After the first year, you receive your master's degree, and then you keep going to school for two more years until you get your Ed.S. and actually become a school psychologist. The M.A. is more of a pat on the back for completing the first year. So yea, I guess it's kind of cool to get to put two letters after my name, and yea, it was fun to celebrate, but no I'm not done with school yet. 
Happy my hubs could actually stay for the entire ceremony this time....
The lovely ladies of the class of 2014
 Jumping for joy

Celebration picnic-Big thanks to all the mothers (and fathers?) who helped plan it! 
                                    Big lips courtesy of Lindsey's mom                                              Silly boys courtesy of.....?
It was a day of parties-after the party with my cohort, our wonderful friend from church insisted on having a joint party for Josh and I because my graduation was also on Josh's birthday. She has a new frozen yogurt shop that just opened up called Yolicious (and it's delicious!)
so I agreed only in the hopes that it would be good for her business!  

And that was that! 3 degrees down, 1 more to go! I'm tied with Joshy now. Ha!


  1. Aha - the mystery has been solved! Well congratulations on your M.A. and good luck on the next 2 years!! :)

  2. Yay Sarah! That is so awesome! :)