Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Puppy Progress

Ok, so I couldn't wait to post some more pictures. Our sweet puppy has really grown up a lot in the 8.5 months we've had him so far (he's 1.5 years old now). He has come a long way, conquered a lot of his fears, and endeared himself to us forever. He is a wonderful companion, loves to be close to us, and will do anything to cuddle. Here are some pics of his time with us so far!

                                                          Frankie's first haircut! Our fluffernutter. 
Franklin went camping for the first time with us in November. He was terrified of the tent then. He is terrified of the tent now. It's a work in progress. 

He loves grass and will do a crazy dance when he gets a clump he thinks he's not supposed to have. 

 He'd rather be playing outside all day and gives great puppy dog eyes when he doesn't get to. 

He discovered stink bugs. He likes to squish them until the stink comes out and can spend hours playing with one. 

He pretty much lets us do whatever we want to him. 

 He went into a pool for the first time ever in May. As you can see, he's still pretty timid and hasn't quite mastered the art of finding the stairs to get out. It only took a few pushes and shoves to make him get in.  

Yea, so, I'm pretty much obsessed. 


  1. Oh my goodness! This totally cracks me up! All of it! Your kids will give you those same puppy dog eyes when you don't let them go outside EVERY day! Seriously, kids are just like animals...I think Joey has done everything you just mentioned :)
    He is such a cute dog! I am so jealous! Some day.... (*sigh*)
    I also just read your past post and I love all the adventures! You guys are such a classy couple!

  2. I love your cute little dog! You guys look like you are having so much fun out there. And working so hard! So happy for you. Can't wait for your next post ;)