Friday, June 28, 2013

The Great Race!

Yesterday was a momentous day. To start, I got some screaming deals at the Gap Outlet (we're talking a shirt and 2 sweaters for under $20!). That wasn't the big event of the day, though.
In little Vicksburg, the Great Race came through! What is the Great Race, you may ask?

The Great Race is an antique, vintage, and collector car competitive controlled-speed endurance road rally on public highways. It is not a test of top speed. It is a test of a driver/navigator team’s ability to follow precise course instructions and the car’s (and team’s) ability to endure on a cross-country trip. The course instructions require the competing teams to drive at or below the posted speed limits at all times.
(above info taken from here)

After helping Josh at work for a few hours, we rushed home to make sure we wouldn't miss it. It's not every day something is going on here. While I would by no means call myself a classic car fanatic, I'm all for experiencing new and different things. It was surprisingly fun and now we have a goal to own a classic car.

First, the cars came through like a parade.

Then all the cars parked at the end of the block for the public's admiration. The VW Beetle and the Fiat were my favorites!


It felt like a truly Southern experience with the bugs in the air, the blues music playing, the river in the background, and the cars lined up. Now if only we were sipping iced tea :) 

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  1. Hahaha PLEASE tell me you got to keep the hat! What a fun random experience!