Thursday, June 13, 2013

Downtown Living

Shortly after Josh and I got married, I made a list of things I wanted to do in my life. This list includes the achievement of "live in a city." While I don't quite know if this summer will qualify enough as city livin to check it off the list, it is definitely different than anywhere we have ever lived before.

The inside is a dream, with exposed brick, granite counters, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and 2 huge windows in the living room. The outside is old and bricky!

Downtown Vicksburg is an array of random shops. While there are several storefronts that have gone out of business, it seems like the city is really trying to make it a nice downtown area. There's even music piped in to speakers on the street! And as would be expected, it's always jazz. 

So Franklin and I decided to take a field trip today to get better acquainted with our new surroundings. And while I may have felt (and most likely, looked) like an out-of-place tourist walking around with my dog and camera, it was nice to get out and actually have some nice places to walk around.  

As you can see, Franklin loves modeling for me. He also loves summers in Mississippi, that's why his tongue is so long. 
 For those of you who remember our last summer in Mississippi, it wouldn't take much to make this summer better. We're hopeful that location, location, location really is everything!


  1. Your new place looks AWESOME! I hope you have a wonderful summer, success with your training, and lots of cool adventures!

    Where did you get your dog shaved by the way? Winston needs it bad but our groomer is out on medical leave for most of the year, ahhhh!

    1. Thanks!
      We have always gone to PetsMart, and he loves it there and they do a pretty good job!

  2. Your pictures are awesome! I am hoping your location makes everything better this summer, too! But Sarah, we need to talk about the coffee maker on your counter... :)

  3. One of my goals too! I am glad you get to experience it (somewhat) in the deep south. I love your place but can't wait til you guys get back here :D