Sunday, June 9, 2013

School Must Be Out...

You know it's been too long since you blogged when you don't even remember the last thing you wrote about! Now that the semester is out, I can live the life of a more balanced person and have some time to do fun things again. One of these is trying to stay more up to date with my blog!

Lots of big things have been happening lately.
#1 School
I finished my last semester of classes...EVER! Unless I decide in the future to get a Ph.D., which is highly unlikely, knowing myself like I do. Next year I have a full-year internship, most likely working in an elementary school 3 days/week and a middle or high school 2 days/week. I also have one more class to take next year, but it is not really an academic class, more just a check-in to make sure everything is on track with the internship. I'm super excited about my internship for several reasons:
  1. I love school psychology and kids, and I will get to do that full-time now. 
  2. I am hoping to be able to help coach a sport (girl's basketball?? or Girls on the Run!)
  3. I am one step closer to graduating for real and becoming a real adult! 
Number 3 is equal parts exciting and terrifying because that also means I am one step closer to having to look for a job and not having a supervisor to guide me through difficult situations. Alas, life is full of pluses and minuses.

I also had my last official day working at the ACCESS Project, which has been my assistantship for the past two years. It was a great experience where I learned a lot and met some great people!
ACCESS Project Staff
#2 Birthday
Josh had a birthday and is 29 now! The morning started off with presents. One of the presents I made for Josh this year was to take some of his bike pictures that he loves to take and transferred them onto wood so he can decorate his bike room with rustic bike pictures! I found the instructions on Pinterest from this website, and it was super easy and awesome! The best part was wiping the paper off and finding a beautiful picture underneath! I would highly recommend it for a unique, personal gift.

Another present I put together was a notebook full of notes from friends and family with favorite memories or special notes for Josh.

Then we went to breakfast at a local diner that he has been wanting to go to for the past 2 years.

 It was everything you would want in a diner-old people, lots of food, lots of grease, and cheap prices.

We also went to see IronMan 3 (we liked it) and then had some friends over for Bocci Ball, charades, and Costco's chocolate cake that night.

#3 Memorial Day 
Originally, the plan for Josh's birthday was to go kayaking with a LivingSocial deal that I bought, but the weather didn't cooperate on Josh's actual birthday, so we had to extend the birthday celebration (shucks!) and go kayaking two days later, which just happened to be Memorial Day. We went to French Creek State Park in PA. The lake was a little small for 2 hours of kayaking and there were a lot of other people who had the same idea as we did, but it was still fun to do something different.

 We also had a campout in our backyard with our favorites, Emily, Erik, and Alyssa. We bought a firepit for this event and it was awesome. Everyone should have a firepit in their backyard!

#4 Summer Plans
We are going back to good Ol' Miss this week. Mixed emotions on this one-looking forward to relaxing and reading, not looking forward to the imminent isolation that is bound to occur while
there (as in, isolation from friends and fun). We have no cross country road trip to start us off with a bang this year, either. My summer plans include the following:

  • take the School Psychology Praxis Exam
  • read
  • make greeting cards
  • watch The West Wing and other movies in my Netflix Instant Queue. 

#5 Running
I'm back at it again. After a nice lazy couple of months, I found motivation to run again. For the first time ever, I am trying to get faster. In the past, I have just run for the fun of it and focused on finishing, but now that I have successfully completed 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon, I know I can finish and I need something else to work towards.

I'm starting off nice and easy though and doing a flat half marathon in Ft. Worth in June ( and one in PA in September ( Yes, this means I'll be training in MS in the summer months. As the ever wise Kelly Clarkson once said, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."I am using the free Hal Higdon Intermediate Half Marathon Training Schedule. I used the novice 1 for the previous half marathons I've done and the novice 1 for the marathon and was very happy with them.

This is what running in 90% humidity looks like! 

Look forward to more frequent updates! 


  1. I DO look forward more updates! Good for you for all that running! Also, I loved your birthday gifts for your hubby. So crafty :)

  2. Hey! Way to go with the running! I didn't know you had done all those races, that's awesome! And that is super tough running in heat and humidity, props to you!
    I loved the backyard campout idea. What fun! We need a firepit for sure. Why can't we be neighbors again?
    And good job on Josh's birthday presents! I'm impressed :)