Saturday, October 24, 2015

#NILMDTS Virtual 5k

The organization that took pictures of Sloane when she was born is called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. It is a group founded in Colorado (because all good things originate in Colorado) to help families who have lost a baby, specifically through providing pictures of the baby at no charge. Photographers volunteer for the organization and are called when a baby dies to see if they are available. Luckily, a saint of a photographer was available the morning after Sloane was born and captured some truly beautiful photos of her and of us. Many I have shared previously, but more are shown below.

We were able to have all of the photos edited on a disc and mailed to us within a few weeks of losing Sloane. We had some printed, which are now displayed in our home. We made photo books, which have provided peace and comfort over the year. I even had a friend give me a locket with 2 of these photos inside. Most importantly, they allow those precious moments that we had with Sloane to be remembered more easily than if we relied solely on our memories. They also allow us to share her with others more easily. 

Every year, NILMDTS does a remembrance walk. While I would love to be in Colorado for the walk, this year they did a "virtual 5k," meaning anyone could participate wherever they live. We met up with a few incredibly supportive friends this morning and enjoyed each other's company in the beautiful fall weather. Afterwards, there was a program broadcast online from Colorado. 

It was a beautiful way to remember and honor Sloane while supporting an organization that is near to our hearts and will provide comfort to other families who experience similar situations to ours. We can't get through anything alone, and having a community of friends locally and a community of others with similar experiences long distance has helped us along our journey. 


  1. I just applied to be a photographer in this group. I'm kind of scared because I'm sure I will be a wreck every time, but I think it would be a valuable service I could provide. I will find out pretty soon if I got accepted or not. Those pictures are all parents have to keep in this life. I'm so glad you have them.

  2. I see SOO much of YOU in Sloane! I'm so glad you have those pictures, and I think its amazing that someone started an organization like this. People are so good. You're amazing. Congrats on the Ragnar!! I want to do one of those one day.... one day... maybe?? Sloane has made an impact on my life, I wasn't there, and I never met her, and I haven't seen you in years, but I can't tell you how many times I think of her and just want to be better. Thanks!