Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Home Decorating

The last part of our apartment that needed serious work after our move here was our bedroom. We were sadly using linens, curtains, and decorations that I have had since high school, so that when Josh walked into the room, he said he felt like he was walking into my room, not our room. And it was ugly, barren, and not welcoming at all. I do not have any before pictures, but here are the after pictures!
Yes, the top right frame still doesn't have pictures in it! Work in progress.

I know it's definitely not perfect, but it so comfortable, homey, and inviting. It feels like us, which I think is important. The best thing about it is that everything we used was super cheap! I'm a big bargain hunter and we got some great deals:
shelves on wall: $1.50 each at a garage sale, painted and sanded
new duvet cover w/ shams: $12 clearance at Target
curtains: free from my mom
The biggest purchase in the room was for the nightstands, which were still cheap as far as furniture goes.
Anyway, we love it and we can officially say now that we are all moved in! (except for that frame we need to put pictures in!)

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