Sunday, July 31, 2011

In-Laws Visit

Five days after we got back from DC, Josh's parents came out for their visit to see us in our new home. I have a feeling they will be visiting a lot more now that we are so close to them. It was a very busy week and lots of fun!

Baltimore Aquarium
I LOVE turtles.

4D movie, including a shark attack!

This little bird is SO loud! It is so cute when he makes the sound, he rears his whole body back to get enough power. If you listen at the end of the sloth video, you can hear him.

We got a treat-we watched this sloth move across the whole rain forest room! They can stay in the same spot for up to two days, so we were lucky. Here's a video of him in action::

We also went to the beach twice! The first day we tried out Cape Henlopen and the next day we went to Rehoboth. They were both crazy busy, no surprise there. Josh's mom also got us boogie boards, but the waves were very, very lame.

Funny face Josh

The most important part of their trip is that I discovered my new love--Rita's! It is an italian ice shop where you can get gelato on top of your ice, and it is pure heaven. I am entirely addicted, plus they have already sent me two coupons, which means this addiction is sustainable. Good thing.


  1. You guys do so much fun stuff. I love reading about your cool activities. I'm going to take a page out of your book and plan more sightseeing and adventures for me and Doug!

  2. Fun fun! Erik LOVES Rita's! When he lived in PA and I visited him, we had to get Rita's :) He'll be happy to know he can get it again. 2 weeks til we leave, 4 weeks til we're there!

  3. We had a Rita's here but no matter how many people I would tell about it and tell them to go...people just didn't, and- it failed. No more Rita's for us. So sad.
    Looks like Dad and Ma-Ma Sue had fun while visiting you guys. That's great! I saw Dad shopping for new shoes right before he left to go out and he was really looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love the one of them on the beach.