Sunday, May 29, 2011

When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Beach Bum

We went to Rehoboth Beach for Josh's birthday this week and it was fabulous!! We had never been to a beach together before (awful, I know) so this was a much-anticipated trip. The beach is about 2 hours south of us so it is close enough to make a day trip, but we stayed for 2 nights/2 days this time.
We didn't really do much besides lounge in the sand, play in the waves, and eat birthday treats. These capture the trip better than my words could:
Birthday morning cinnamon rolls
Birthday Dinner at Fish n' Chips
A mess of a birthday cake

Even though the cake turned out a mess, it tasted delicious! I used bakerella's moist yellow cake and buttercream frosting recipes found here. My downfall was that I didn't double the frosting recipe like she suggests because I didn't want to overdo it (I'm very particular with the amount of frosting) but I learned my lesson-it is better to have too much than not enough when it comes to frosting. Oh well, at least it tasted heavenly and we still have some to snack on 3 days later :)

It was a great trip and it made me like it here a lot more. Now we'll just have to go a lot!

I should wait for this, but I can't--a few weeks ago, a friend gave us a coffee table and side table for free. We were in need of those items, and while they wouldn't have been our first pick of furniture, we weren't really in a position to complain about something free. They can be seen here and here. When we got them, we decided a fresh coat of paint and some new drawer pulls would spruce them quite a bit, so we finally did it yesterday! For our first DIY project, I am incredibly pleased. Anyway, we are still waiting for the drawer pulls, so I will update as soon as we get them. Be excited.

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