Thursday, May 5, 2011

We made it!

We finally made it to Delaware/Maryland! The past three weeks have been full of several adventures and excitement, and yes, stress.

On one of our last days in Provo, we went to the Provo temple for one last time (hopefully not ever, but who knows!). It was really good to have a little bit of peace and time just with one another amid the business of graduation, family, goodbyes, packing, and moving. It was a tremendous help and strength. It wasn't easy to go, because we both felt like we had so much to do, but the best things are never easy, it seems.

The next day, we picked up our U-Haul trailer at 8am and had it loaded by 12pm. About 12:01pm, we realized there was no way our beloved Volvo was going to haul that thing across the country, or even around the block. The tongue of the trailer was about an inch off the ground, and the chains were dragging. This was not part of the plan. The Volvo had a tow capacity high enough for this trailer, we had gotten a good hitch put on (the day before), and everything was supposed to be perfect! But alas. It never is. I am a planner, and this move helped me realize that however much planning I do to prepare for something, it will still probably not go as I anticipated. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the Volvo struggling under the weight, but I think at this point that's a good thing because it would only make me sad (I really loved that car!). Anyway, it became clear that the best option would be to sell the Volvo and get a bigger car that could handle towing all of our stuff. The next 24 hours (literally--Josh and I were up at 3am looking at cars on KSL) were spent looking at cars, test driving cars, and trying to sell our car. Luckily we had looked into the option of another car a few months earlier, so we already knew what we liked and what was in our price range.
The miracle of the story comes now. We had also put the Volvo up for sale a few months earlier, just to see if we would get any interest, because we were wary of the struggle that long of a drive might be on a car with quite a few miles on it. We had one person contact us about it, 3 weeks after we posted it online. When we posted the Volvo up this time, however, we had SIXTEEN people contact us about it! Most importantly, we had one person buy it :) We were definitely being watched over and aided along in this journey.
Long story short, this is what we ended up with:

It does not have many of the comforts of the Volvo (i.e. heated leather seats, pull up booster seats, an auto dimming rearview mirror, etc) but look at how that trailer is sitting! And we are coming to like it more and more. I always wanted a Jeep!
So amidst all of this, I graduated college! And Josh got his Master's degree!
It was good and fun and it feels official now. I'm glad I walked and I strongly recommend it.
We finished packing up, our moms cleaned our whole apartment better than it had ever been cleaned before, and we finally said goodbye and got out 12 hours later than anticipated! Not bad, considering the major adjustments we went through.
Saying goodbye to the Knight Mangum Mansion--our first home together!
Then, after a 3 day drive, we got to take a break in Ohio and visit Josh's family. It was the first time in forever that we got to sleep in and do as we pleased all day. Much needed!
We had one more short 8 hour stint and then we arrive in Maryland, our new home. It was a gorgeous drive, but we were more than ready for the journey to be over.
We walked into our new apartment that we researched hours on the internet to find, and it smelled like smoke. Big letdown. Luckily, they cleaned the vents yesterday, and I think the problem is cured, but the verdict is still out on that one. I hate the smell of smoke, it permeates everything. Ugh. But-- our apartment feels huge after moving out of our studio+, so we are in the process of getting new furniture and making it feel like home.

our barren living room

hanging curtains
It's been quite an adventure, but through it all, we've had each other and we've been watched over and helped all along the way. It is a relief to have it over, though.


  1. How exciting! That is exactly what Ben and I will be doing in August! Except we will be moving to Pennsylvania! We need a new car too...

  2. I'm so sad we missed saying goodbye to you! And it sounds like it was crazy!!!! I love you!

  3. I'm glad you guys made it safely even though there were a few bumps along the way! I can't wait to see the finished product! Happy unpacking! :)

  4. Oh wow! What a trip! I'm glad you got a vehicle that could manage the trip, but I am sad that you had to sell the volvo, too! I loved that car!
    And bummer about the smell of smoke in your apartment! I hope you can get rid of it! That smell makes me feel like I'm in a dingy hotel. But with a few open windows and air freshners, I'm sure you can do wonders. You know, maybe houseplants would be a good idea, they are great for getting toxins out of the air and it looks like you have plenty of light in you apartment.
    Anyway, have fun getting all settled in and post another blog with the finished product :)