Sunday, February 5, 2017

Baby L's Nursery

It only took 10 months for us to finish L's nursery...that's not bad for a second child, right?! Because we moved when L was 3 months old, we didn't do much to the nursery in DE. And then in MS, we learned it is really hard to finish a nursery when the baby is living in it already, because prime time to work on things is when the baby is sleeping. But it's hard to work in the room where the baby is sleeping! So the lesson learned-finish the baby's room before the baby comes.

His room wasn't terrible before this, but it also just didn't feel quite right. Nothing really went together and it felt a little chaotic. All it took was some matching sheets and changing pad cover, new bins, new art, and it feels much more intentional now! When I walk in, I feel happy, which is always the true test for me when I decorate a room. I'm sure he doesn't notice any difference, but maybe he will appreciate the pictures of it when he is older.

Of course he needs a basketball hoop ;)

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