Friday, April 1, 2011

It Feels Good to Run Again

Well, after the unfortunate event at last week's basketball game, I haven't been able to run or move quickly at all this week. The swelling finally went down and I could walk without a limp, but I still had a pretty nasty bruise left over.
But alas, bruises and feet heal (mostly), and mine were no exception. But more than the healing that was taking place, I really was just going stir crazy and I needed to get out and run again. It had been almost 2 weeks! Yuck.Conveniently, Josh and his friend Dan were going mountain biking tonight when I got home from work, so I decided to tag along and venture out on a trail run for a change.
I was not disappointed.

Beautiful, eh? This is what I will miss about Utah. Being able to drive for 10 minutes, run for 20, and have a view like this.
My knee still hurt, especially on the way down, but it was definitely worth it.

In other news, General Conference is this weekend! I'm super excited. I feel like it snuck up on me this year, though. Time is just speeding by, and I'm not quite ready for that, because it means we're moving.

Josh has been on campus until at least 11 every night this week working on his thesis. He is defending next Thursday, and I guess it's kind of a big deal, or so he says :), so I have taken the free time I have had and decided to cook. It is a crazy concept for me, but the craziest part is that I have actually been able to cook some edible, and dare I say, even Delicious, dinners this week.
Peanutty Lettuce Wraps

Provolone Chicken Pizza

Even though I love eating out, there is something to be said for the feeling when you (and your husband) make a delicious dinner. Josh always says that he likes baking and cooking because you are taking raw ingredients that aren't necessarily good on their own and putting together in just the right way to create something incredible. I've always liked that about cooking, too, so it's been nice to have a little extra time to cook this week!

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